How to Prepare Chemistry for JEE

Chemistry is one of the three sections of the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). It is considered as one of the most scoring subjects in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The best way to prepare for any subject is to give plenty of time and do a lot of practice. Chemistry preparation requires a lot of practice of numerical, conversions and revisions of the theories.

Chemistry is one of those subjects which assure aspirants with good marks if they prepare well. Most topics in JEE Chemistry are asked directly in the exam and are not twisted. For example, candidates do not pay much attention to topics like topics like transition elements, s, p, d blocks, coordination compounds, surface chemistry, gaseous state, chemical equilibrium, nuclear chemistry, and stereochemistry which are not only easy but many questions come from these topics in JEE.

Here are some tips that aspiring candidates can follow while preparing Chemistry for JEE to score good marks in the examination.

Follow study guide books specific for JEE Chemistry

One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is to follow the exam study guide. Study guidebooks cover all the chapters with proper questions in the exam format from the Chemistry syllabus which can be very helpful for the aspiring candidates. The books also contain model question papers that can help students to check their progress.


Create a Time Table

Without a proper time table, it can be very difficult for candidates to cover the full syllabus of JEE Chemistry. One of the most important tasks of any aspirant should be creating a planned time table which will help them to plan their studies and will enable them to track their progress and cover all the important topics well before the examination. Time table also helps to analyze a candidate’s progress from time to time so that they can check how far they have improved.

Syllabus and Pattern

The syllabus is one of the most important components for any exam. A candidate should know the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly to score well in the exam. Knowing the JEE syllabus for chemistry will help candidates to decide which topic should be prepared first and sort out the important topics that they should prepare for the exam. Also, candidates should keep in mind the marking scheme which will give them a better idea to score higher.

Proper Coaching

Although coaching does not guarantee a candidate’s success, it can help them to get important tips and tricks on how to tackle the question paper to excel in the examination. In a popular competitive exam like Joint Entrance Exam, 1 mark also matters so candidates should be aware of all the shortcut tricks which can help them to be one step ahead of all the other students.

Solve question papers

Solving previous year’s question papers and sample question papers should be a must for all JEE aspirants. Solving question papers help aspirants to sort questions topic-wise so that they can pay enough attention to the important topics. It also helps candidates to analyze their weak and strong sections of chemistry so that they can improve their weak section by more practice. Candidates should dedicate at least 3 hours for Chemistry Question Paper every day which will also help them to develop their accuracy and speed.

Aspiring candidates preparing for JEE should focus on chemistry as it is a scoring section and can help them to increase their overall marks in the examination. The above-mentioned tips can help them to prepare for chemistry in a better way. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get interactive and engaging videos on important JEE topics to prepare for the exam more efficiently.

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